HOROSCOPES- December 2014


Written by: Imogen the Wistful Gazer

Aries the Ram: March 21st- April 19th

With the holidays fast approaching, your emotions seem to be setting off like fireworks as they usually do in this time of festivities. Something about all the singing Santa’s and twinkling lights intensifies your moods, whether they are joyful or gloomy. It’s okay to feel like a bit of an emotional wreck, you’ll never be too vulnerable and the new year will kick you off with a  bang.

Taurus the Bull: April 21st-May 20th

This month is all about collaboration and togetherness. You feel bonded with someone, whether it’s in business, friendship, or love; and that bond makes you shine. Although you’re a sign who enjoys getting your own way, be sure to make compromises, as this is the only answer to successful and happy companionships.

Gemini the Twins: May 21st-June 20th

The business of life is upon you Gemini. There is no task to big or small to stump you and all your energy is flowing in the right directions. With your priorities set straight and healthy habits established, you will become an effective change maker. Think about what you need to change and use this newfound ability wisely.

Cancer the Crab: June 21st-July 22nd

You have an abundant amount of la joie de vivre and oh how wonderful it is! You feel prepared to delve out of your Cancerian shell and immerse yourself in glamour, expression, and jubilation. Maybe it’s the festivity of the month that has you living out loud, or just something in the stars 😉

Leo the Lion: July 23rd-August 22nd

Self-caring and nurturing should be high on your list of priorities this month. Feeling connected with yourself has always been important to you, but it might really be essential to your positive personality this month. Make sure you remember how to spend time alone and always keep your kitchen supplied with comfort foods.

Virgo the Virgin: August 23rd-September 22nd

You feel engaged and attentive, ready to learn and hungry for knowledge. Whether it’s something at school, home, or elsewhere your curiosity overwhelms you. Talk with your friends, you’re feeling especially social and witty. Conversation is your passion and you’re pretty darn good at it.

Libra the Scales: September 23rd-October 22nd

Moral issues seem to be troubling your mind lately. What do you value most Libra? Sometimes it’s important to think through what makes you happiest and what you care about most. Once you’ve set that straight, making mundane everyday decisions, as well as bigger, seemingly life changing ones will become a lot easier.

Scorpio the Scorpion: October s23rd- November 22nd

The earth does not revolve around making others happy my friend. Lately you’ve been so worried about being selfish, you’ve overexerted your friendly energy. You’re a compassionate person, but if you try to love and heal everyone, it might come across as fake. Save that tenderness and affection for the special people in your life.

Sagittarius the Archer: November 23rd –December 21st

An outworn situation or relationship needs to be cleared so it’s time to wave your little white flag Sagi. It’s not defeat, just a little responsible compromise. Leaving some of your baggage in the past is the healthiest things for you right now and shall leave you in a lovely, mellow mood.

Capricorn the Goat: December 22nd- January 19th

This month you’re feeling your emotions intensify; passion and romance seem to rush through your veins. You’re in the mood to wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re feeling very emotionally brave. It’s a good time for big romantic gesture, or possibly just to shake off anything that’s been on your back recently.

Aquarius: January 20th –February 19th

Lately you’ve been thinking a lot about the future, where will you be 10 years from now? You’re happy to sacrifice small current plans in exchange for a lasting victory. It’s splendid that you’re so prepared for your future trajectory, but remember to live in the moment when you can, it can be the most enjoyable despite it’s fleeting quality.

Pisces the Fish: February 20th-March 19th

Big news could be arriving this month, once you’ve gotten over the possible shock, think critically. Your powers of persuasion are especially high so start pitching ideas or projects with others. You have an especially unique and creative way of weaving ideas together; use this skill as much as possible.


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