Humans of Harbord

Written by: Diogo Mello


Within the first few months of Harbord Alexis is already one of the most social grade niners in the school. Not only does he feel comfortable around the people in his grade he is willing to talk to anyone who will give him the time. He has begun his Harbord Career by joining Bent on Change, which is a place where he “feels comfortable talking, and where he can be related to.” Despite being a very sociable person Alexis is originally from Mexico and immigrated to Canada. Now entering the fourth month of school he already feels welcomed into his new environment and chose Harbord because “it seemed like a good choice, one of those things that stand out from other options.” He doesn’t expect much for his senior year but as a school we wish him and every grade nine a successful high school experience.


If you’re a frequent visitor of the Harbord library you’ve definitely meet or seen Selina. In her second year of High School Selina has found her calling volunteering with our Librarians. She finds joy in discovering and reading new books and feels at home in Harbord Library.  It’s a rare sight to find a student who reads as much as this young girl does, reading hundreds books. On average a novel consist of anywhere between eighty thousand to one hundred thousand words, 250 words per page with a one-inch margin. Her advice to her grade nine self and any current grade nine is “no one will ‘niner’ you!” Wise words from a year two Harbordite. Novels to her have become essential for her thought process to quote her “books actually make me think about things that I have never thought about before and consider things that I normally wouldn’t. There also a great escape from reality.” By her senior year she plans on making and having experiences that will never be forgotten.  Visit Selina in the Library and ask for her recommendations, who knows you might become a regular reader yourself.


Juggling schoolwork, a part time job and three years on Harbord’s very own Rugby team is Maximilian best known around the school as Max. Now in his third year of Harbord Max has fallen in love with Rugby, originally not knowing if it was for him or not. His initial intent was to use the very physically demanding sport to get in shape and become a happier and healthier person and today it has become his second nature. Max chose Harbord over three schools that were much closer to where he lives because of the overall academic focus of the school. Something interesting about this grade eleven is that he’s actually colorblind, which is only seen between seven to ten percent of the male population around the world. If he could tell his grade nine self anything I’d be “Make as many friends as possible, never anger Mr Gherman, and take advantage of the clubs and teams Harbord has to offer.”

You’ve seen her everywhere and anywhere, if you hear Beyoncé’s newest hit on the announcements it’s because of Kianah. Best known for her work in the Black history month assemblies for the past four years. These assemblies have become a Harbord favorite and have become one of the most entertaining yearly assemblies Harbord has to offer thanks to W.A.C.C. In grade nine Kianah joined W.A.C.C because she wanted to make friends and learn more about her Caribbean heritage both were accomplished according to her.  “Harbord is the best school because it is very open and accepting to everyone. We have some of the nicest students and faculty who do their best to ensure everyone’s well being. As a result of our many clubs, there is always a place where students can find and expand on their interests.” However just before you think you know her she throws you a curve ball. In her free time she loves playing classic playstation one and two games consisting of Legends of Zelda and Spyro. Her words to live by for high school are “never try to be “popular”, being yourself is more than enough.”


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