Where has Santa Gone?


Written by:  Lena Rye

Christmas and the winter holidays change a lot as children turn into young adults. But these changes are not always for the better. There are some things that teens shouldn’t have to stop doing over the holidays just because they’re not children anymore.

I hope these memories and ideas will help you enjoy your holidays more.

Waking up at six a.m. to open presents. This event may be one your parents would like you to forget about, but the best part of this is the Christmas spirit. As we grow older, Christmas becomes less and less exciting and without excitement, life is dull. In my opinion, any way that you can get into the Holiday spirit, you should try. Here are some ideas…

Playing in the snow? Yes, we can do it! Build snowmen, snow forts, make snow angels, go tobogganing and have snowball fights. You can also give your house a holiday makeover, by decorating a tree or hanging stockings. The great thing about tree ornaments is that they can be very personal. Try making ornaments out of origami, small sculptures, photos, beaded strings, or found objects. Stockings are really great because they’re less about presents and more about funny knick-knacks, or edible things like oranges, walnuts, or chocolates. Overall, this is my favourite part of Christmas.

Something that I think many people miss about Christmas is Santa. Where has he gone? We no longer write letters to him or sit on his lap in a mall; but just like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, he cannot be forgotten. Another thing that many miss from childhood are the toys. Children are easier and more fun to buy presents for but now we don’t want toys and many people our age simply ask for money as a gift. A great way of encouraging silly, creative, and personal presents is to have a Secret Santa gift exchange with a group of friends. You could make rules like: there has to be a homemade part of the gift or a price limit. Secret Santa is wonderful because it’s really just a reason to get a large group of friends together, and it brings a greater meaning to the holidays. Rather than just presents, you can spend time with people you like.

Just because we’re older now, doesn’t mean we can’t still do the things we did when we were little.


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