Generation wh(Y)?


Written by Diogo Mello

Established in 1892, Harbord has molded thousand of students for the progression of the growing eras that awaited them and the appreciating time for us. From preps, basket cases, princesses, jocks and nerds, the evolution of students of the twenty-first century is uncanny. With the full modernization of society, every assignment now consists of size twelve, new roman font, double-spaced. As millennials, we have the blessing of pulling out our iPhones and knowing everything about anything within five minutes – six if you need to send a snapchat. “Students have become more independent. Students are more prone now than ever to force teachers to reevaluate their thinking,” says Mr. Roffman. He believes the students of Harbord have a broader rationality and are more socially conscious to the injustice of today and throughout history.
Now entering 2015, students have unconventionality separated ourselves from the pain of society. Mental Health has finally broken through enough stigmas for people to acknowledge the ugly truth behind it. Mr. Roffman stated that before if a student were to miss fifteen days or more they would face expulsion from school. Today we all as students have an indifference to society; we refuse to feel pain or to sit down while injustice takes place. We challenge all misdoings and justify our answers. Though majority of us will or are facing the overwhelming quantity of stress to be successful, the “Global Generation” will prevail and rise to society’s aid. At one point we have all heard “you have it easy, back in my day…” but in reality everyone is nipping at our heels to waiting for us to fall from greatness, and to have our positions. At some point we have all heard “You have it lucky back in my day we didn’t have all this technology” though we carry the access to every answer anyone has ever wondered they imposes a constant distraction. Our newfound ability to post our thoughts and feelings for the entire world to see in the matter of seconds has given us the insight approachability. Mr. Roffman believes the student of today are better for this reason, we have a natural ability to see the bigger picture and refuse to be oppressed.


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