“The One”


Written by: Diogo Mello
That special time of the year has come around again and a sea of heart shaped everything has concord the aisle of Wal-Mart, red ravishing roses have painted the fronts of every store, and Valentine day cards have trended on Twitter. We as a society face every cliche of romance on this fine February day and are taught that for this ONE specific day all that stunts need to be pulled out to prove are love for our significant other. In the modern twenty-first century I refuse to believe the best you can do is dinner and a movie. This shall not do. Starting this adored day with small jesters like picking up their coffee order, decorating their locker, sliding into Bae’s DMs (these are options) plan a thoughtful date that embodies their essence. Potentially you and your lover are to alternative for V-day, take them to that sketchy bar to listen to some obscure music from some unsigned band with vocals so raspy they’ll put Rod Stewart to shame. Also it’s okay if you get a cold after you both for some pretty rad pictures for your blog. Don’t be scared to ask someone out by dunking on them, obviously you’re insinuating that you want to take them to a game because they’re the sporty type. Spit some hot fiery lines at them on the announcements or dedicate a track off your mixtape to them. If this is all to primitive for High School royalty always remember that Instagram, snapchat, and Twitter are your best friends this time of year. Publicly prove to all 567 of your followers that “Wifey/Hubby” are on lock. With all jokes set aside as humans we have forgotten the originally intents of this holidays. A man sacrificed his life to perform marriages for all young couples despite Claudias’s hypothesis that man who were married would worry more so of their families instead of playing full attention on a battle field. If you read this article in search of the perfect date night maybe you’re not putting enough effort into this relationship and that’s where your fault lies. Look at your boyfriend/girlfriend and plan every second of that date because its specific for them; or winging because maybe you’re just that good. Though it might be your first Valentine Day date or the twentieth this day was not meet to bombard that special someone in attempt to make them special for one day. I challenge all readers to not dedicate this day only to your significant other but to everyone you love. Scream to the heavens the amount you adore, appreciate, and admire them. Fulfill this day with the true significance of Valentine Days and go out of your own way to display an emotion so captivating it leaves you speechless.  


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