Find Me

Weitten by: Lemme Shafi

Can You See Me?

Because I can no longer see me no more

Everything I once recognized is no longer familiar

I was once a striving student

Once a striving friend

Once a striving sister


Reversion is one big uphill battle when so far gone in condemned thoughts

Scars have already taken their permanent residence

Though washing my hands and face may seem like all the bull is going down the drain along with the stained water of grief

The seconds of relief parishes with the reflection of unfamiliarity

Blood-shot eyes

Tear-stained cheeks

Power and strength that once resonated within every movement and word I uttered

Is no longer

Can I See Me?

A day-to-day sorrow of gray clouds dawns on my spirit/soul

Sunken in the darkest abyss of inner turmoil and perishing hope

Light ceases to exist

I look around with widened eyes


Screaming in silence for someone to see

To understand my cries

That says plenty


If I cannot recognize myself

Who are they to help search for the unknown

You Are Still Here!

Though my reflection is still quite hard to recognize

Remembrance lingers near the foggy mist to someone I once knew


My body

Strides leaving the Earth beneath me with courageous and steady steps

Cutting through the mist that once fogged my heart to tears

Leaving behind the disadvantages that cut deeper than wounds

Leaving behind the words that stained like tattoos

Leaving behind condemned thoughts and climbing out my darkest abyss

Prevailing on my own and grabbing everything once familiar in-sight

I found you




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