An Advanced Sport


Written by Iloe Ariss

The argument of “which sport is best” has been highly contested since the beginning of time and

no conclusion has been reached. There is consensus in Canada that our national sport is

hockey…or is it curling? Maybe lacrosse. The question is, which sport is the most evolved? Is it

complex and strategical like baseball? Is it a hybrid sport like field hockey (hockey +soccer)?

Or could it be ultimate frisbee?

The frisbee was invented by Walter Frederick Morrison in 1948. A company called Wham-O

bought the idea and began mass-producing plastic frisbees. The official sport didn’t really occur

until 1960 when an international league was set up by Wham-O. Back then the game was just

called frisbee, and it didn’t receive the name Ultimate until 1967 when some American high

school students created it. The good-spiritedness of the game was born then and has made it

one-of-a-kind ever since.

There are no referees in ultimate frisbee, eliminating bribing and subjective calls. One might

think that because of the lack of professional supervision the players would take advantage of

that and exploit the situation. This does not occur because of what Ultimate Canada calls the

“Spirit of the Game”; the participants in the game have to self-govern and there is a good deal of

emphasis placed on the importance of being mindful of other participants. There are even “Spirit

Rankings” participants can earn (levels 1 to 5, 5 being the best). The more respectful you are

the higher your Spirit Ranking.

Although the goal is the same as football, reaching the end zone, it doesn’t include tackling so

it’s much less physically aggressive. As mentioned above, the game is chill and far out like the

era in which it was created.

The teamwork aspect of ultimate frisbee is an important ingredient for success. This could be

said for all other team sports but it is crucial for ultimate frisbee because the actual maneuvering

of the frisbee is so difficult; throws have to be on point, also, unlike baseball, there is no glove to

help you catch the disc. Members of the team rave about the stimulation and fun of ultimate

frisbee. Incredible enthusiasm makes the experience thrilling.

Ultimate frisbee can be played indoors and outdoors. It’s not an Olympic sport just yet, but it

may evolve into one in the near future.


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