IK Reviews


Written by: Kira Knight and Iloe Ariss


A perfect gift for anyone planning on travelling in one of those classic campervans. People often mistake this documentary for a comedy because of its amusing cover photo, but don’t be fooled – the group on the cover are actually some of the best RV engineers and mechanics in the world. Never before have people been able to fix every little problem in their RV, they’ve always had to go to a mechanic. Today, with the help of this how-to documentary and a group of savvy engineers and mechanics, YOU can do it all. Complete with a hard copy of everything shown in the documentary, this is something all you RV-drivers don’t want to miss.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

What a tear-jerker. In the 1880’s, when trousers were unacceptable for women to wear, a group of women band together to find a place in the world where they can wear pants. We follow them across Europe, as they fight prejudice and sexism before finding their place in a small cabin by the ocean. A beautiful film, with an emphasis on women’s fashion, something any and every fashionista should see.

Little Miss Sunshine

A movie about a family so stunningly organized and composed they are driven out of town (literally) in their minivan after being shunned by the neighbourhood. Dealing with the tragedy of being run out of their own home the family searches for friends that will accept their normality and perfection. Their destination is the smallest and sunniest town they can find. Thus they stumble across Little Miss Sunshine, a town so small you only have one neighbour and where the sun shines so brightly you won’t be able to see that neighbour. An excellent movie to watch with the family.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Dragon traffic has never been worse. The skies are full of creatures and movement has slowed down to walking pace. After witnessing several dragon collisions a traffic policeman knows this madness has got to stop. He begins to think up a strategy for traffic control, often riding around the skies at night with a ponderous twinkle in his eye. His struggle to realize his supreme traffic-stopping idea is amazing to watch. Viewing this man’s genius on the screen is the experience of a lifetime.

The Imitation Game

The story of two mimes who meet on the street and fall in love. The beautiful soundtrack really ties this film together; featuring artists such as Beethoven, Katy Perry and Abba. Occasional dialogue from people walking by on the street sets the tone for each new interaction the mimes have. They encounter some difficult obstacles in their mute relationship such as the extremely high stress mimeing careers they both pursue and the outrageous amount of money they earn. If you watch this film you will see that in the end love conquers all.


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