Ballad for Exploration

Written by Imogen Bysshe

There was once a girl

Who had a programmed path

But instead wished for a deferral

She hadn’t seen much but photographs

And those who heard her plans often laughed

Yet her feelings she could not ignore

Despite a tricky aftermath

She needed to explore

She usually dreamed of big cities

Complete with a cornucopia of unknown people

With new stories and invitations and profundities

Her desire to stay put was feeble

Undeterred by an inevitable life upheaval

The craving burned within her core

The wait was prolonged and evil

She needed to explore

Do you have enough money?

They religiously inquired

No she replied numbly

But this fact seemed unequal to the atlas she admired

Upon which all her travels were inspired

There was nothing she wanted more

An unstoppable yearning permanently wired

She needed to explore

And she sat by the window with an impatient watchfulness

As she imagined swimming on the Costa Rican sea floor

And time ticked by with perturbing slothfulness

She needed to explore


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