My Summer Spent in Serbia


Written by Nastasia Krstic

I spent most of last summer in Serbia; in fact, for as far back as I can remember, I’ve spent most summers in Europe. Going to Europe is not really like visiting for me; my family owns a home there, we have responsibilities, friends, neighbours – going to Europe is like going to my second home.

I love it in Serbia (I love Toronto, too but for different reasons). For one, the weather is fantastic in Serbia. Serbian summers are anywhere between 27C to  40C. Last summer was a very difficult one, however. Serbia was hit by a flood and my small town was directly affected. The flood was terrible, but people pulled through.

Despite the natural disaster which inflicted Serbia last summer, I still had a fantastic time. One of my favourite places to visit is to Belgrade, the capital. Belgrade has everything a large metropolitan city has: theatre, parks, shops, restaurants, and clubs. But it also has castles!

“Kalamegdan” (also known as “The Belgrade Fortress”) is a huge castle-like building reaching 125.5 meters in height, placed on a cliff and built in the year 535. It’s a sight to behold and it’s located right downtown!

 I also got to swim in the Ada – a man made river, situated in the center of Belgrade. It was warm and pleasant with all sorts of shops along the water’s edge, along with restaurants and cafes.

Beyond Serbia’s capital city Belgrade, it’s a whole other world with rural villages where it’s possible to see all sorts of interesting things: vineyards, apple and plum orchards, and of course, livestock.

My family home is located in such a village, Crkvenac, which is about three kilometers west of a small city called Svilajnac. Svilajnac might not be very big, but it is famous: the town is known historically as one where the finest silkworms were grown.

For those of you who are thinking about summer travels, consider Serbia this summer. Belgrade will be hosting its famous Beer festival in August and Novi Sad, a large city about two hours north, will be hosting the famous EXIT Summer Rock festival.

Enjoy your travels.


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