Traveling for Dummies


Written by Diogo Mello

1) Make a packing list (

2) Before packing anything into your suitcase lay everything out on your bed or floor to make sure you have a visual of everything you’re packing in case you missed something on your checklist.

3) Roll all your clothes to save space in your luggage.

4) Always weigh your suitcase before leaving for the airport. Easy trick is to weigh yourself, then cradle your suitcase and subtract from the original weight. Make sure to leave room for souvenirs.

5) Arrive at the airport a minimum of an hour and a half before your flight to avoid any complications. Don’t be that person/ family that has to butt everyone in the line just because you had to get all dressed up for your nine hour flight.

6) In the security lines, have everything you need in your hand (Boarding pass and Passport) organize your carry-on so everything that needs to be taken out has a proper place to be put back into. Take everything out of your pockets. If you walk through the metal detector more than twice you’re an idiot and security will be secretly laughing and judging you.   

7) Ladies, DO NOT wear heels onto the plane, EVER. Aside from safety reasons you look hella uncomfortable and in case there is a water landing and you tear open the raft with your pumps you’ll be international water’s most wanted after everyone has to pencil dive into the frigid ocean.

8) Your carry-on should NEVER be a suitcase; you will never need anything that’s in there. Bring a backpack/messenger bag/purse/briefcase. Your massive carry on screws everyone else over because if there isn’t enough room everyone waits another hour for you to check-in your “CARRY ON.”

9) Keep yourself entertained on the plane and understand NO ONE wants to be in the plane. Be courteous to everyone and don’t be scared to make small talk with the people around you.  

10) If you are seated on the aisle and someone needs to get up for whatever reason don’t hold in your breath and retract your face as if your can sink yourself into the chair. Get up and let them out with ease.

11) I don’t need to hear your music or your super “important business lingo” four rows down.

12) When the flight attendants ask you to do something DO NOT argue with them, simply agree and follow the order. They are not there to make your trip hell but to insure your safety so if they say “Tray up” it’s tray up.

13) When the plane lands don’t rush out of your seat to grab everything because you’re going to have to wait for them to attach the bridge/ stairs for you to get off. You’ll be waiting another twenty minutes. You’ve already waited a minimum of three hours to arrive at your destination, you can wait a few more minutes.   

14) When you’re on your travels make sure you contact banks prior to travel in case of emergencies. Talk to a doctor in case there is any type of medication you should take prior or any common illnesses found in the country you should be aware of and how to prevent/ cure them.

15) When you finally immerse yourself into the country you are traveling to don’t walk around with a map. You’re best memories will be made from not scheduling them out plus locals can smell tourist from a mile away.
16) Enjoy your travels. Enjoy the simplest moments to the fullest.


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