The Future for the Environment


Written by Nastasia-Simonida Krstic

[An] authoritative new study sets out a grim vision of shortages and violence – but amid all the gloom, there is hope too” said Jonathan Owen, the author of an article found on The (the article is called “The planet’s future: Climate change ‘will cause civilizations to collapse’” for those of you who are interested). As most of us know, the planet will face several serious changes in the coming future when it comes to the environment.

The environment has been affected by human activities for years, though it is said to only increase in the future. With populations growing in size, the world will need to produce more food to feed everyone, find more fresh water for everyone, and most importantly, be able to hold everyone. Environments are harmed due to urban sprawl, loss of resources such as forests, a growth in certain species such as pigs and sheep, a loss in certain species, and the list continues.

Jonathan Owen’s quote above implies that there will be global “gloom” to appear in the future, though it also says “there is hope too”. And of course, there is hope. There are ways that you can help aid the environment, if not in one gigantic swing, then slowly, little by little, in “baby steps” but there is hope because today more people are eco-conscious than ever before and more people want to work towards preserving our environment.

Here are three simple suggestions that go a long way in ensuring that the future is positive: These tips help preserve all sorts of ecosystems and parts of the planet (from keeping the air around us clean, to aiding plants and other organisms):

First, instead of using garbage bags for garbage bins, place sand at the bottom of your bin and rinse it out every time you’ve finished emptying it. The sand will absorb any moisture and help the bin stink less. It might take a few extra minutes, but the end result is worth it.

Second, if you’re walking somewhere and you see garbage on the floor, pick it up and put it in the trash. It might seem a bit weird, or gross, but this aids the planet -which is very much alive- and helps maintain healthy ecosystems (even in cities) since it lowers organisms chances of coming into contact with harmful, or just gross, materials.

Third, plant plants such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. instead of grass. A study done by the University of California shows that your lawn grass is actually harmful for the environment because the amount of carbon dioxide is four times the amount of carbon that is naturally collected/stored by the lawn itself. Therefore, why not plant something more useful and aesthetically pleasing?

Interested in more ideas? Visit tumblr “the-witchy-herbalist” for some tips or better yet, come up with your own ways to help out.


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