16 Year-Olds of the Future Look Back On Today’s Fashions


Written by Anne Cowley and Lena Rye

crop tops:

Orchid: Eww, why are they wearing so much clothing?

Clove: And wouldn’t they get really weird tans???

Orchid: what are those holes in their stomachs?

Clove: Don’t you know, that was before we all came out of eggs/machines. You actually grew inside of someone’s body, and that’s where you were connected to them!

Orchid: But that doesn’t make any sense, it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie!

canada goose jackets:

Clove: Why are they calling that coat a prehistoric bird?

Orchid: Maybe the bird is stuffed inside

Clove: I think it is cute that they made a fancy badge for each person’s serial number

Orchid: True! but its looks so warm!
Clove: Since the sun is so close to the earth now, it’s always like 45 degrees

Orchid: What a stupid fashion

lulu lemon leggings:

Clove: What is that?

Orchid: Did they paint themselves black?

Clove: Why did people wear so much clothes in the past!
Orchid: I know! you can hardly see their body

Clove: Maybe it’s like a rule. that everyone must dress very conservatively.

Orchid: And why are they standing

Clove: We never stand now. I mean why would we, when we have motorized chairs!?

Orchid: It’s ridiculous!

keds, toms:

Clove: Why are their feet coloured?

Orchid: No, I think you put these ON your feet! That’s very strange.

Clove: It looks very uncomfortable.

Orchid: yes and what would you do when you need to wash yourself?

Clove: I don’t know, maybe they cut them off and then after put a new one on.

Orchid: Either way, you can see it’s very primitive.

Clove: This is way before they invented levitation travelling so your feet don’t get dirty.

Orchid: Why are they called those names?

Clove: Clearly it’s because only people named ked or tom can wear them

Orchid: Ohhh.


Clove: Is that supposed to be funny?

Orchid: Why is there writing on that picture?

Clove: Why would they write down their jokes rather than say them?

Orchid: I’m confused. Why is he so weird looking?

Clove: Did all the people in the past look like that?

Orchid: What are those things on his eyes?

Clove: I think it’s like a giant version of our holographic contact lenses!

Orchid: Woah, they’re like bug’s eyes!

The walking dead:

Orchid: Oh my god, I’m scared!

Clove: But if they’re dead how can they walk?

Orchid: That guy at the front looks malnourished

Clove: What are those people on the top standing on?

Orchid: Some old fashioned vehicle?

Clove: It’s so big! and why is it not hovering?

Orchid: I think it’s a documentary.


Clove: Instead of telepathic communication, they used these silly little electronic devices. They paid a lot of money to have this certain one which had a different shape and different things inside. Also they bought coloured things to go around the device.

Orchid: like clothing?

Clove: exactly!

Orchid: What’s that little circle thing on the back?

Clove: I don’t know, but it looks like a picture of the extinct fruit that people used to eat.

Orchid: Raw?!

Clove: Yes, isn’t that gross?!

Orchid: And it’s cruel to the apples, couldn’t they still feel it?

Clove: Yeah, and that’s why we decapitate and bake our apples before we eat them.

Orchid: Much more humane!


Clove: Her arms are so freakishly long!

Orchid: Why does it look like shes reaching out to the camera

Clove: It’s like a mugshot but happy

Orchid: Hmmm… wait I’ve got it!

Clove: What?

Orchid: She’s a mutant from the past that scientists built to reach to things on the top shelving units.

Clove: Ooohhh!


Clove: Hey! I recognise this! This is the symbol on the world flag.

Orchid: Ya, but wait, if their money is made of stars, wouldn’t that be difficult to collect?

Clove: I guess, or maybe it’s like our points system, and it’s just a picture of a star.

Orchid: Oh. Anyway, this looks good.

Clove: I eat something like this every day for dinner!

Orchid: Doesn’t Everybody?

orange is the new black:

Clove: Why is there a whole bunch of people wearing way too much, and not to mention really ugly, clothing underneath a common expression?

Orchid: Ya, I mean it’s in the dictionary so why does it need an illustration?

Clove: Maybe it’s the old earthlings’ motto.

Orchid: But why is the word orange in the colour black and the word black in the colour orange?

Clove: Maybe they were all colourblind in the past.

Orchid: Ah, that makes sense!


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