Your Astrologist Visits The Psychic Fair


Written by Imogen the Wistful Gazer

Have you ever been in a room with dozens of people communicating with deceased loved ones? Have you ever gotten the chance to get your future told twenty-five times in one day?

During the last week of April, I, your faithful astrologist was lucky enough to attend Toronto’s second annual psychic fair. My zodiac correspondent from Humberside C.I. and I made our way down the dark and abandoned Ex fairgrounds to the Queen Elizabeth building, where we stood shyly around the entrance, wondering what types of people would be found inside. It seems that psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and all types of spiritual readers have suffered with a flaky, pseudoscience type reputation for a long time. Being young astrologists ourselves, we were by no means there to poke fun at any palm reading rituals. However, we worried that despite our slight knowledge on the subject and open minds, we may not fit in.

How wrong we were! Inside the small building was a glorious cluster of people from all walks of life. We soon realized that we had passed judgment too fast while imagining mystical individuals covered in scarves and bangles (although there was one woman wrapped head to toe in a bright orange scarf). Almost everyone there looked like any other ordinary person walking down the street. There were lots of mothers with their children, several middle aged folk, and even two other teenagers. The next couple of hours (we ended up staying far longer than anticipated) were a whirlwind of fortunes, readings, and spiritual communication.  I got my palm read and learned that it is presently a good time for me to travel and get dental work done, as well as many other valuable tidbits and tips. My fellow astrologist was spontaneously approached by a heavily unibrowed psychic who proceeded to perform a “hair reading”. Hair reading involves a lot of uncomfortable touching of the hair and hands, but provides interesting results. He was able to give some very specific insight on her family ties and personality.

We also sat down for several lectures; the first on communicating with dead loved ones. It is at times like that where sometimes my faith in psychics is slightly challenged. But it was nevertheless very fascinating and extremely entertaining. This medium (someone who communicates with people in the afterlife) would close her eyes and allow spirits of dead loved ones in the audience to enter her psyche to pass on messages from the spirit world. We watched this woman yell out random names like “Rebecca” or “Peter!” sometimes it would even be the first letter of their name, a number that could somehow relate to them, or perhaps a sport they played. She would proceed to ask more questions about that person to make sure she was communicating with the right audience members. The dead loved ones would communicate things like, “I hope you’re well” or simply say that they were present and watching over their living relatives.  Although the mediums sometimes created horribly awkward moments in which none of their spiritual messages could relate to anyone in the audience, there was one heartfelt moment when a young man received what appeared to be quite a specific and loving message from his grandmother.

Our next lecture was about moonology, a practice actually created by the woman speaking to us. The fascinating thing about moonology is since the moon has so many phases, there are tons of different days to be born on that relate to different personality traits, unlike the zodiac that only has twelve signs. I learned about the two main categories you can be placed under the moon: waning and waxing. Waxings are often more driven and wired, whereas as wanings, like me, tend to be more laid back.  Your moon birthday only actually occurs every nineteen years since that is how long it takes for the moon to return to it’s exact position when you were born. So for all of us who have not turned nineteen yet, we aren’t even one year old in moon time. We learned that every day, the moon is a certain percentage of fullness, I for example, was born on a day where it was 55% full. Often, when adding the moon percentage of people who are significant to each other, you can make 100%. Our moonologist claimed that 90% of the mothers she sees have exactly 100% moons with their children. Sure enough, I and my astrology correspondent (who happens to be my best friend) added up to 100%.

Our final lecture was held by a delightful Irish woman who gave us a description so detailed on the afterlife, I would need to write a book to describe it all. I will say that she claims to not only speak to dead people on a regular basis, but to have the spirit of a medieval French man named Francois take over her psyche every now and again to perform psychic rituals.

My time at the psychic fair was highly informative and a splendid way to spend a Saturday evening. I was introduced to a very intriguing assembly of people, all of whom were warm and friendly and very willing to share their expertise and open minds. I left that day, not only with my very own pendulum (which I utilize daily) and a ten page sheet of my personal astrological biorhythms, but also with a much broader understanding and appreciation of the psychic and clairvoyant world. A world so fascinating that I suggest even you skeptics and nonbelievers should wander down to the Ex next April, simply to learn a bit more about the vast and complex spiritual world. Whether you buy it or not, this subject is dense with history, thrill, and a lot of passion.


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