Batches and Batches of Cookies

Picture 18

Written by Bridget Carter-Whitney

Just a few weeks ago we had our election for the 2015-2016 school representatives on the Student Activity Council. While most of the candidates were able to be appointed without competition, there were a few campaigns, many cookies, some posters, a box of Timbits and about an hour of speeches. All of that first week of May, we could hear chatter and debates all through the halls about who they were going to elect. It was a very tight race. A student from another high school was very surprised over hearing one of these conversations and asked me, “You actually take elections seriously?” Yes. That is Harbord politics for you. Current SAC president Andre Roy says this of next years student council: “I’m proud of all of the newly elected executives and I can’t wait to see what they do for the school. I wish them the best of luck when they take over next year!”

The actual election took place Friday, May 9 in our Home Form classes, and that afternoon we got the results [listed below]. Roy will be passing the torch to Ryan Cheng. Cheng says “I’m excited to be president because for the 3 years that I’ve been here, Harbord has been nothing but good to me, so now’s my chance to give back to the school that has taught me so much.” Cheng caught the voters attention with a song with his guitar with original lyrics about Harbord. He will be leading the meetings with the Senior and Junior Vice Presidents Zoë Szigeti and Leah Bekiaris.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big pat on the back to everyone who ran. Let’s cross our fingers that we will finally get a consistent round paper towels in our washrooms this coming year!

President: Ryan Cheng

Senior V-P: Zoë Szigeti

Junior V-P: Leah Bekiaris

Social Convenor: Richard Waines

Public Relations Officer: Declan Gray

External Affairs Officer: Nastasia Kirstic

Equity Officer: Zadie Laborde

Treasurer: William Xu

Secretary: Anna DeLuca

Year 4 Reps: Juliet Hirst & Helina Ma

Year 3 Reps: Soundos Rezig & Marc Tedesco

Year 2 Reps: Sasha Fuller & Tess Schwartz


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