A Rant: Sex-Ed


Written by Diogo Mello

I usually do not care much to post a status on Facebook, but with the sudden absurdities I have been hearing from people on the new sex-ed curriculum. I would like to disclose that I fully respect all religious views and understand that said religion(s) do not agree with everything the Liberals have added. For a moment I ask you to widen your understanding of modern society, and set your own ideas aside. Today in 2015 it has become inevitable to witness sexual context on a day-to-day basis; we as Millennials face the new challenge of easier accessibility to these frameworks through social media. The majority of the hoopla from the parties who do not agree with this switch is centered around the inclusion of the LGBTQ community within the curriculum.

It confuses me thoroughly how parents can enroll their child/children in PUBLIC school and then argue that “children aren’t ready” to learn a more balanced and modern program. Since you do not agree that your child should understand the difference between transgender and transexual, you must also agree that your daughter should grow up to believe that she is a sexual object only to be used for the pleasure of males and that she has a 25% chance of being sexually assaulted within her lifetime (Canadian Statistic). Obviously that’s not important, right? It’s like how anyone who identifies with LGBTQ becomes eight times more likely to commit suicide because their parents/peers do not accept them (things taught within the new curriculum). Who needs young inspiring minds to develop the world, when the “baby boomers” are doing such a phenomenal job? Today I actually heard a womyn state that this new education was “an abomination to the church.”

From what I learned, experienced, and pieced together, the majority of religions have a fundamental equality of love for your fellow human-being. Although it may not sit well with your morals, mentality, and understanding of the cosmos, please acknowledge that as the world progresses (specifically Canada as the main focus for this piece) as do the social norms. If a ninety-seven billion dollar company (pornography) is so easily accessible what do you think is stopping your child from looking up everything they want to know? At least within the school system it can be institutionalized in a healthy and equal manner.


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