OFSSA for the win


Written by Diogo Mello
Twenty years. Twenty years in the making of Harbord’s senior boys soccer team advanced to tier one and qualified for OFSSA. According to captain Anton Meir it is the result of “A complete team that worked together and had never gave up.” Harbord is now more then ever being considered and threat amounts other schools across the GTA. “The season was pleasantly surprising, before the season I would have never thought we would have achieved as much as we did, we are all very proud of ourselves”” was Quintin Lopes’s opinion of the year. We as a school continuously grow and become more of a well-known staple I this city and obviously we wouldn’t have it any other way. Each team player gave it their all for the sport they love this year “The squad went through the good, the bad and the ugly this season. Great support and organization gives us a chance for greatness” wise words from another senior on the team Mark Nathan. We the boys off to OFSSA cheering their names with glory as they represent our school with tiger pride.


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